The Interactive Classroom

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An acquisition-based classroom is designed to be comprehensible and compelling. As a result, students are drawn in to participate in a variety of new ways! This day-long workshop will provide insights and activities that connect students and the curriculum on a deeper level. What do our students care about most? How can we combine their interests with their natural instincts for interaction? Join us as we explore ways to encourage thinking and communicating in the target language through visualization, illustration, scaffolded discussion and more. From before the bell to after class, collect and share ideas for creating input-based interaction for our students! This workshop welcomes teachers of all levels and languages interested in growing as an educator.
Workshop led by: Laurie Clarcq, a renowned teacher leader in the field of Comprehensible Input (CI), a new and different approach to teaching World Languages. Laurie Clarcq has 36 years of teaching experience, and has enjoyed many levels from preschool through university. Laurie has been a presenter on a local, state, national and international level. Her presentations and workshops address a wide variety of teaching topics.

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