Portrait of a Graduate

The graduates of St. Paul's embody the traits that we wish for the future leaders of our society: fearless learners with keen analytical skills, depth of knowledge, a grasp of ethical decision making, and a sense of the importance of being actively engaged in the community around them.

The Portrait of a Graduate explains in more detail how St. Paul's students are shaped by their education here and the steps we as a school take to provide them with skill, knowledge, a mindset they will need to be able to go anywhere in the world and connect with anyone, academically and socially.

Model of Educational Excellence

List of 5 items.

  • Fearless Learning

    St. Paul’s graduates understand that making mistakes, and reflecting upon them, is an inherent part of the learning process. They are creative thinkers who are comfortable exploring multiple solutions to problems.

    • We set high expectations for all students by supporting them to challenge themselves with new and difficult experiences, understanding that healthy discomfort is an essential component of learning.

    • We instruct and empower students to become strong advocates for themselves and others.

    • We create positive, respectful learning communities by intentionally setting up classroom norms, choosing our language thoughtfully, modeling risk taking,
    and committing to having each child feel cared for, respected, and known.
  • Diversity & Inclusion

    St. Paul’s graduates make authentic connections and form lasting friendships with people who have diverse backgrounds and experiences. They collaborate and communicate with empathy and compassion.

    • We mindfully create diverse student groupings, both in and out of the classroom, to encourage learning from a variety of perspectives and to promote different forms of participation.

    • We provide time for learning about and discussing topics related to equity and inclusion.

    • We choose multicultural curricula and varied instructional practices to deliberately teach the importance of multiple perspectives.
  • Academic Rigor

    St. Paul’s graduates are curious and engaged students who are able to solve complex problems. They master essential academic skills and value multiple perspectives.

    • We provide instruction through projects, research-based curricula, and teacher-directed lessons.

    • We teach depth of understanding, content knowledge, and skill development.

    • We design varied assessments that guide students to set goals and track their own learning against standard benchmarks.
  • Service & Stewardship

    St. Paul’s graduates learn how to be agents for positive change in their communities. They participate in and reflect on service to gain knowledge and skills.

    • We provide experiential service projects that deepen student empathy and nourish meaningful academic learning.

    • We use service projects around Lake Merritt and Downtown Oakland as field studies through which students learn about their communities and how to advocate for others.
  • Spirituality

    St. Paul’s graduates value the pursuit of meaning and strive for a purpose that extends beyond self- interest. They learn from diverse spiritual and cultural traditions and ask thoughtful questions, arriving at their own conclusions.

    • We honor the religious, spiritual, and ethical traditions of each member of our diverse and inclusive community inside and outside the classroom.

    • We use chapel as a forum for students to openly explore the larger spiritual, cultural, and ethical questions connected to their curriculum and to share their understanding with the community.

    • We help students express their identity and develop self- knowledge so that they can build positive relationships with others.
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