Third Grade

List of 11 items.

  • Reading & Literature

    • Strengthen effective reading strategies
    • Practice critical thinking and comprehension skills
    • Read and discuss multicultural literature
    • Read literature about Native American and Black American experiences
    • Study literature through independent reading, readers' workshops, literature circles, reading groups, and read alouds
  • Writing & Language Arts

    • Utilize Writer’s Workshop
    • Write a formal, well-developed informational paragraph
    • Practice informational and report writing: Bird Study, Black American biography, and the Ohlone
    • Write book reports, personal narratives, letters, responses to literature, and opinion pieces
    • Use dialogue and similes in creative writing
    • Practice grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling rules Learn cursive handwriting
    • Develop presentation skills by presenting work to the class, parents, and school
  • Social Studies

    • A hands-on study of the Ohlone People, featuring field trips to the Oakland Museum, Arrowhead Marsh, UC Botanical Gardens, and at a regional park
    • Geography of the Bay Area and regions of California
    • Study of cultural groups in the Bay Area through performances and field trips
    • Black American biography project
    • Identity and heritage personal histories
    • Impact of explorers and settlers on the Bay Area
    • California history focusing on multicultural perspectives
  • Mathematics

    • Place value to 100,000
    • Telling time to the minute and determining elapsed time
    • Multiplication and division to 12, with single- and double-digit problems
    • Problem-solving
    • Measurement: length, mass, and volume with standard and metric measurements
    • Fractions: identifying, ordering, and comparing
    • 3-digit and 4-digit addition and subtraction
    • Complex multi-step story problem solving
    • Geometry: 2D and 3D shapes, lines, angles, area, perimeter, and volume
  • Science

    • Investigation and Conservation of Birds
    • Owl pellet dissection
    • Scientific Method (with 7th-grade)
    • Electricity
    • Forces & Motion
  • Spanish

    • Participate in class reading of Edi el elefante book and related activities
    • Subject pronouns (yo, tú, él/ella/elle, usted, nosotros, ellos/ellas/elles)
    • Regular and Irregular verb conjugations
    • Spelling and vocabulary
    • Articles (masculine, feminine)
    • Understand culture- geography, and people of Spanish-speaking countries
    • Listening and speaking skills through guided conversations with peers
  • Visual Arts

    • Drawing: expressive lines and shapes
    • Painting: color wheel, color mixing
    • Clay
    • Bat study
    • Collage animals: Eric Carle
    • Sumi ink painting
    • Fruit/flower paintings: Georgia O’Keefe
    • Story quilt: Faith Ringgold
  • Music

    • Third grade choir
    • Rounds, two-part music, extended vocal range
    • Continued solfège singing
    • Rhythm work with percussion
    • Refining performing arts elements of movement and drama
    • Basic music terminology and singing including scales
  • Physical Education

    • Using feedback to improve performance
    • Working independently and maintaining focus
    • Using physical activity as a means of self-expression
    • Sharing equipment appropriately with peers
  • Library

    • Independent book selection
    • Refresh looking up information in a book
    • African American report and bird research
    • Twice a month supervised typing class
  • Community Engaged Learning

    Year Long, Interdisciplinary study of Lake Merritt birds
    Student data of 11 different birds sent bi-weekly to Cornell University Habitat restoration with Golden Gate Audobon Society
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