List of 11 items.

  • Reading & Literature

    • Practice letter/sound correspondence
    • Develop phonemic awareness and knowledge of phonics
    • Grow as readers through explicit instruction in small groups
    • Strengthen listening and comprehension skills through read-aloud activities
    • Study literature genres
    • Develop oral language skills
    • Develop concepts about print
    • Read with second grade buddies
  • Writing & Language Arts

    • Practice letter/sound correspondence
    • Reinforce correct pencil grasp
    • Practice correct letter formation
    • Practice left-to-right progression in writing
    • Use developmental continuum of spelling
    • Write and draw in journals
    • Begin Writer's Workshop
  • Social Studies

    • Building a safe, respectful, and empathetic community
    • Conflict resolution
    • People Power Skills
    • Non-violent communication
    • Developing awareness of diversity within families, cultures, and religions
    • Developing awareness of growth and change
    • Earth stewardship
    • Relationships across grade levels through Buddy Projects
  • Mathematics

    • Numbers: recognizing, writing, sequencing, and exploring mathematical operations
    • One-to-one correspondence
    • Patterning: creating, recognizing, and extending simple patterns
    • Concepts of time: clocks, days, weeks, months, and seasons
    • Graphing: measuring, sorting, and classifying
    • Recognize and reproduce shapes
    • Concepts of money
    • Concepts of more than, less than, and equal to
    • Counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's
    • Estimation strategies
    • Place value
  • Science

    • Exploration in physical science
    • Cycles: life, water, and seasons
    • Animals and their habitats
    • Experimentation focusing on prediction and observation
    • Introduction to scientific method, scientific equipment, and data recording
    • Sustainable environmental practices
    • Buddy Project with seventh grade: studying mealy worms and roly-polies
  • Spanish

    The K-2 Spanish program engages students through high-quality, active and fun lessons that include: original songs for vocabulary development (colors, shapes, feelings, animals, and more), pronunciation practice, speaking, and comprehension practice. Students acquire language through the effective and joyful methods of music, movement, yoga, and role play. 

    Spanish class aims to spark student’s desire to become multilingual and learn about cultures in our increasingly transnational society.


    • 2D & 3D paper manipulation
    • Building structures with found materials
    • iPad introduction and acceptable use
    • Programming: unplugged activities about algorithms
    • Design principles
  • Fine Arts

    • Color mixing
    • Developing confidence in using art materials
    • Collaborate projects within the classroom
    • Exploration of various media and techniques
  • Music

    • Kindergarten, first, and second grade chorus
    • Rhythm work with hand percussion and movement games
    • Introduction to world folk music
    • Performing arts program, including dance and drama
  • Physical Education

    • Traveling safely through space: walking, running, jumping, galloping, sliding, and hopping
    • Exploring balls: tossing, catching, striking, and kicking
    • Swimming: comfort, flotation, and locomotion
  • Community Engaged Learning

    • Surprise service, such as visiting elders
    • Kindness Club: service to school and community
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