Fourth Grade

List of 11 items.

  • Reading & Literature

    • Word recognition and expression in oral reading
    • Independent reading skills
    • Comprehension strategies
    • Produce individual book projects
    • Summarize information and re-tell stories
    • Understand story elements: symbolism, plot, character, development, and tone
    • Theme, character change, author's style, uncover structure, work on words, consider perspectives, compare texts, and use evidence
    • Participate in whole-class and small-group literature groups and dramatic read aloud
  • Writing & Language Arts

    • Writer’s Workshop to strengthen writing
    • The writing process with greater independence and effectiveness
    • Strategies to improve spelling and grammar
    • Proofreading and editing skills for thorough revisions
    • Print and online dictionaries and thesaurus resources
    • Public speaking skills
  • Social Studies

    • California, United States, and world geography
    • Black Panther Party
    • California artists and musicians
    • Dustbowl and World War II in California
    • Analysis of primary and secondary documents for point of view and bias
  • Mathematics

    • Facility with number facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
    • Problem-solving strategies, organization, and note-taking skills
    • Regrouping addition and subtraction
    • Two-digit multiplication and division
    • Fractions and decimals
    • Probability, statistics, and graphing
    • Measurement
    • Geometry
    • Algebraic concepts
  • Science

    • Energy transformations and collisions
    • Waves and messaging (information transfer)
    • Animal adaptations
    • Natural disasters and mitigation techniques
  • Spanish

    • Class reading of El capibara con botas book and related activities
    • Subject pronouns (yo, tú, él/ella/elle, usted, nosotros, ellos/ellas/elles)
    • Regular and Irregular verb conjugations
    • Conversational skills
    • Spelling and vocabulary
    • Articles (masculine, feminine)
    • Culture through the study of geography and people of Spanish-speaking countries
    • Listening and speaking skills through guided conversations with peers
  • Visual Arts

    • Drawing: contour lines, proportion, portraiture, landscapes
    • Painting: watercolor techniques
    • Clay
    • Printmaking: Andy Warhol/pop art
    • Self-portraits: Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo 
    • African masks and shields
  • Music

    • Fourth and fifth-grade choir
    • Intro to American folk music, Irish folk music, and North Indian classical music
    • Intro to Caribbean percussion rhythms
    • Intro to Caribbean folk and African repertoire
    • Basic music terminology
    • Singing scales and arpeggios
  • Physical Education

    • Muscle strength and endurance
    • Relationship between practice and performance
    • Leadership and cooperation
  • Library

    Literary genres
  • Community Engaged Learning

    • Black Panther Walking Tour- created by the fourth grade students
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