Eighth Grade

List of 10 items.

  • Reading & Literature

    • Examine the main story elements of plot, character development, setting, theme, and point of view in short stories and novels
    • Examine literary devices of irony, foreshadowing, and symbolism in short stories, poetry, and novels
    • Analyze character development and theme in novels and memoirs
    • Understand elements of poetry
  • Writing & Language Arts

    • Focus on expository, comparative, and creative writing
    • Write responses to literature, persuasive arguments, poetry, and creative pieces
    • Develop grammar skills: punctuation, parts of speech, and multi-clause sentence structure
    • Strengthen vocabulary
    • Proofreading, revision, and editing skills
    • Master essay writing skills: thesis development, organization, paragraph writing, and structure
    • Verbal responses and analysis of literature (discussion)
    • Understanding of the text, context, and subtext in literature (who is represented in literature and who may be absent and why)
  • Social Studies

    • United States history, culture, and geography; emphasis on Indigenous, African (Diaspora) American influences, Women's History, Personal Identity, American Ideology formation
    • Developing critical literacy
    • Analysis of primary and secondary sources
    • Expository writing and note-taking skills
    • Synthesizing a broad range of factual information
    • Analysis of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and their application to current issues
    • Cultivating personal and interpersonal awareness between the self, community, and natural environments
  • Mathematics

    • Refining and expanding skills and concepts of algebra 
    • Understanding the relationship between algebraic and geometric representations
    • Setting up ratios and proportions to solve for unknown values
    • Developing multiple representations, problem-solving strategies, and conceptual understanding through writing
    • Valuing collaboration when solving problems in small groups
  • Science

    • Properties of Matter
    • Atomic Structure
    • Molecules and Bonds
    • Motion, Force, and Energy
    • Electromagnetism and Waves
    • Weather and Climate Change
    • Critical assessment of research and scientific literacy
  • Spanish

    • Total Physical Response storytelling model: Canechi y Chipote
    • Realidades Spanish Textbook and Homework Packet with embedded bullet point notes
    • Communicate using four modalities: reading, listening, speaking, and writing
    • Write short compositions in Spanish
    • Mural critique field trip to the Mission district of San Francisco
    • Use Student Self-Assessments with Action Plans Mid-Trimester and End of Trimester
    • The University of Texas at Austin Oral Proficiency website
    • online website for extra vocabulary and grammar support
  • Visual Arts

    • Currency design: contour lines, values, shading, pattern, texture
    • 2D design: logo development and applications
    • Studio art: figure drawing and painting
    • 3D design: current design trends, design thinking process, product re-design, and prototyping
    • Silkscreen political/social cause posters
    • Installation art
    • Independent projects
    • Public art opportunities
  • Music

    • Exploration and study of world music
    • Year two drum ensemble
    • Comparsa (Cuba)
    • Focus on polyrhythms and syncopated music
    • Featured performance at graduation
    • Haitian Rara
    • Performance band for instrumentalists
  • Physical Education

    • Analyzing an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and using this analysis in a game situation
    • Demonstrating appropriate sportsmanship in game situations
    • Working cooperatively with all peers regardless of skill level
    • Identifying personal activities for lifelong fitness
  • Community Engaged Learning

    • Capstone project designed for critical thinking and to encourage students to perform authentic research toward servicing the land and people around Lake Merritt
    • Personal understandings, interests, skills, talents, and areas of growth prior to defining their focused research topics
    • Emergent strategies for navigating decision-making and effecting change, teamwork, collaboration, community building, team management, time management, clarity of need, purpose, and input
    • Digital media production, creative writing, fact-checking, building supporting materials, critical thinking, project planning/management, research, public speaking, and communication skills
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