The St. Paul’s Episcopal School curriculum charts the intellectual growth of our students, from the self-contained classrooms of the Lower School to the subject-specific classrooms of the Sixth Grade & Middle School, from concrete thinkers to abstract analyzers.

Informing every aspect of our curriculum are the values of our founders, who believed that keen analytical skills, a depth of knowledge, and a generous heart are essential qualities of an educated citizen. 

What you cannot always see among the curriculum bullet points are the interconnections with our three core educational principles.
  • First, as students engage with the rigorous curriculum, they also grow as fearless learners who know the value of a challenge and the confidence that comes from solving complex problems.
  • Second, the service learning projects they do deepen their understanding of their math, science, or social studies lessons and demonstrate first hand the importance of what they are learning.
  • And finally, their learning is deeper and more sophisticated thanks to the diverse viewpoints represented in their classrooms.
Fall 2022 Measure of Academic Progress (MAP)
achievement scores 

This is what having a strong social emotional program as the foundation for critical thinking, collaborating, higher level reasoning, and using math skills to solve problems looks like. 2022-2023 marks our third consecutive year where we are ahead of the curve!

2022-2023 St. Paul's Curriculum

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