Board Nominations

Nominations to St. Paul’s Board of Trustees begin next week and will remain open through January. The selection process for new Board members culminates with approval by the full Board of Trustees for a three-year term on the Board to begin July 1, 2019. Look for nomination forms on the website and in next week's Headlines.
The Role of the Board
“The role of the Board is first and foremost to be the steward of the School’s Mission and Values,” says Board Chair Jennifer Haas. “We keep a close eye on the financial well-being of the institution so that St. Paul’s can continue to provide an excellent program, support our teachers, maintain our facilities and provide access to students and families with various socio-economic abilities.  At the same time, the Board needs to think strategically about a vision for St. Paul’s.”

Its multifaceted work requires the Board, as a whole, to possess diverse attributes, skills and knowledge. Ideally, the skill sets of individual members compose a complete picture for the Board. With an eye on the School’s long-term future, the Board seeks to match nominee skills, motivation, and commitment with initiatives put forth in the strategic plan, Spark 2022. “We are certainly a notable institution as a school for the kinds of diversity that we bring to the table,” says Vice Chair, Lande Ajose, “but we want to make sure that we’re always moving deeper and making sure that this is an ever rich and ever robust experience for all members of our community: faculty, staff, students, parents.”

Looking Forward
Spark 2022's three pillars of (1) Academic Excellence, (2) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and (3) Institutional Stewardship will benefit from Board leadership. Committee work will provide guidance for faculty professional growth and compensation, diversity, and faculty upgrade initiatives. The Board is there in a governance function and not to manage the specific affairs of the School. That is what keeps us really focused and well trained on that longer-term vision of what the School needs over time. We’re always looking for people with that purview and perspective,” explains Ms. Ajose.

As an alum of St. Paul’s Episcopal School’s first graduating class, Corwin Booth ’78  returned to enroll his children because there is no place like St. Paul’s in the area. “My education there…they kind of ingrained in me a sense of the importance of diversity in all its forms, and the importance of service, and, generally speaking, the importance of a good, liberal education.” As Mr. Booth moves off the Board after two terms, he sees current parent/alum peers as uniquely suited to fulfill the Board’s goal of retaining a consistent alumni presence. “We’re heading into a time when some understanding of philanthropy and service is important. St. Paul’s alumni are uniquely positioned to get that because that’s how they were brought up.”

And it’s about the kids, as always at St. Paul’s. School values today mirror those held at its founding, and the Mission Statement now speaks to the voices of our children as they shape their future world. St. Paul’s prepares students to be confident and skilled learners, cultivates in them a strong sense of purpose, and inspires them to be generous and active citizens of the world. These guiding principles will inspire any nominee interested in joining the Board of Trustees. Please look for nomination forms on the website and in next week’s Headlines.
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