For Parents

Parents (along with other family members and friends) also have an important role to play in promoting a positive and enriching atmosphere.
At different times this may require them to play a more active or passive role. Perhaps the most obvious contribution parents can make is showing their support for all of the players at the games. Cheering on positive play while refraining from criticizing “mistakes” (by officials, scorekeepers, players and coaches) is a good example of both active and passive participation. Parents model respect by leaving the coaches to do the coaching, the officials to do the officiating and the scorekeepers to do the scorekeeping.  Though it may at times prove challenging, it is always in the children’s best interest that such boundaries be respected.  Whether at home or away games, parents bear a special responsibility to be either passive or active participants at the right times.  Parents are encouraged to take an active role in helping coaches to oversee players who are waiting to participate in upcoming games. Examples of thoughtful parent behavior include helping guests at one’s home games, waiting until the next day to check in with a coach about a concern, and corralling a wayward player back into the gym at an away game.
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