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Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to St. Paul’s! 

Our school setting in the heart of Oakland allows us to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion and community engaged learning in the curriculum. It’s simply part of the air we breathe and how we teach. Our students develop skills, purpose, and empathy with which to navigate the larger social landscape, and carry forward the values of curiosity, service, partnership, and community engagement.

Every child at St. Paul’s is honored and valued for who they are -- their perspective, positionality, and experience -- as they come into the school, move through their tenure, and when they graduate. Our students see themselves represented in the texts they read, history they study, math problems they solve, labs they explore in science, and the art and music they create. They quickly learn that honing their academic skills provides them the tools and resources to gradually articulate and define their sense of purpose. 

St. Paul’s commitment to socioeconomic and racial diversity is comprehensive and intentional, as is the school’s connection to the broader community. Using the surrounding Lake Merritt neighborhood as an extension of campus, students and teachers are immersed in the local landscape. How we, as a school community, are connected to, engage with, and represent the multifaceted community of Oakland is central to our mission and values.

I invite you to learn more about St. Paul’s and our program.

Warmest regards,

Head of School


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