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Distance Learning at St. Paul's

What does distance learning look like at St. Paul’s?
Our faculty and staff have been working tirelessly to transition the dynamic teaching they do in their classrooms to an online environment. Teachers will post lesson plans for each day at least one night before to our Distance Learning site. (The link to the Distance Learning site is available to families by logging into the parent portal here on our school website and in communications from the school.)

Each class has a distance learning schedule that has been designed to be developmentally appropriate and respond to the needs of students at each age level. All classes have time to connect face-to-face via Zoom, whether it is for morning meetings, study halls, or synchronous instructional time. Students are also receiving assignments to work on daily in order to continue their academic development.

Maintaining our sense of connection during distance learning
The strong connections between the members of our school community are one of the most special things about St. Paul’s! We, the faculty and staff of the school, miss seeing the students and their families in person day to day. Already there are many ways that teachers are connecting with students and that families are connecting with each other, and we continue to plan how to maintain this important sense of community while we can’t see each other in person.

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  • Announcement of Distance Learning

    Announcement of Distance Learning from Head of School Josh Stern, 3/13/20
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    More detail about distance learning from Head of School Josh Stern, 3/13/20
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  • Introducing Phase I of Distance Learning

    A letter from Head of School Josh Stern introducing the first phase of distance learning, 3/16/20
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  • Introducing Phase II of Distance Learning in Lower School

    Director of Lower School Nayo Brooks introduces Phase II to K-5 families, 3/19/20
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    Director of Sixth Grade and Middle School Christine Fairless introduces Phase II of distance learning to 6th-8th grade families, 3/19/20
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    Director of Lower School Nayo Brooks shares updated class schedules for grades K-5, 3/23/20
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  • Update on ASP and Shelter in Place until May 1

    A note from Head of School Josh Stern, 3/27/20
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