Our Story

Welcome from the Head of School

The oversized backpack bounces from one shoulder to the next, and the pace quickens from a controlled walk to an outright run, ending with a collision of happiness: a smile, a hug, a welcome. 

That's how I hope every student's day starts because I know that within that day, within that backpack, there are assignments, projects, and activities that are intended to draw out intellectual curiosity, depth of thinking, exploration of new ideas, and skills. But before we get down to the work of school, we know how important a warm welcome, a greeting, a smile is for the success of any given school day.  

A St. Paul’s education has so many facets and it covers the breadth of each child’s experiences: who is this individual and how do they learn. In order for that commitment to learning to come alive, we, at St. Paul’s Episcopal School, start with care for each other. We know that just relationships are our foundation for one’s learning and how one interacts with the world. 

Once I see that backpack bouncing from one shoulder to the next, I am confident that it will be  followed by the academic challenge that we inspire in everyone who enters the doors of St. Paul’s Episcopal School. 

Please join us to learn more. 

At A Glance

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  • After School Offerings

    After School Program: study hall, music lessons, science, chess, cooking, art, Legos, and more
    Team Sports for grades 6-8
    Band for grades 4-8
  • Faculty

    Average tenure: 10 years
    55% of full time faculty hold advanced degrees
  • Grades

    Kindergarten - Grade 8
    Two classes at each grade level
  • Head of School

    Josh Stern
  • Program Hours

    K-1 8:30-2:30
    2-3 8:30-3:00
    4-5 8:30-3:15
    6-8 8:30-3:30
    Before care begins at 7:30 a.m. and regular drop-off at 8 a.m.
    The After School Program runs until 6 p.m.
  • School Enrollment

    381 students
    8:1 student:teacher ratio
  • Specialist Programs

    K-8 Spanish
    Music: Choral and Percussion
    Physical Education
    Service Learning
    Electives for Grades 7 & 8, including Drama
  • Year Founded

St. Paul's Episcopal School
116 Montecito Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610