Second Grade Change Makers

Second Grade has been learning about Change Makers in Social Studies through stories, videos, and even Zoom! For every change maker, students reflect on personal qualities, the problem that person sees in the world, and the way that they make change. Then, each student makes a quilt square about them.
Community Engagement
This year, we’ve focused on local change makers. We learn about these individuals by reading books and online sources, but also through interviews with change makers. Recently, 
Regina Jackson visited the classrooms via Zoom and described her work at East Oakland Youth Development Center, motivating our Second Grade students to focus on health, voice and responsibility in service of a better world. Click here for highlights from their discussion. 

Second grade also studied the Alphabet Rockers, a local group who uses music to educate about social and racial inequalities within our society. Students listened to a number of songs, and were asked what message they heard in each song. Here are a few student responses...
  • They talked about their ethnicity
  • Sang about differences
  • Wanted to make a change in the world
  • “You are you, I am me”
  • Racism will fall apart….Racism is treating people differently and badly because of the color of their skin and is a thing that was made up by humans.
  • I will stand up for you
  • I got you so you get me
  • Impossible to break us down
  • Time!
  • Your voice matters...we will fight beside you
  • Do what you can right now
  • I’m not free unless you’re free
  • We will get strong together if we use our voice
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