Take to the Skies

One of St. Paul's most enduring, treasured events is the concert that celebrates and honors African American Culture. This concert last year marked the last time that we were all together under one roof, so we jumped at the chance to be together in spectacular St. Paul's fashion.
In pandemic times, we have to imagine new ways to bring our community together, remember who we are, heal, and have fun.

Our music department went to work with help from home to showcase student talent and to honor the artistic expression of African Americans in our culture. Mr. de Chalus and Mr. Jackson wrote a song for the entire school to sing. Each grade level recorded themselves singing assigned sections of the song and sent them to Mr. Jackson. What you will hear is the sound of 200 voice tracks mixed to perfection in the song, “Take to the Skies”. We hope that hearing the sounds of the St. Paul's students in your home can bring in that feeling that we know and love in our school. 

We invite you to listen to  a story called The People Could Fly, which inspired the song. This year's concert emphasized African American resiliency. No matter how things seem, African Americans are proud. They see light, opportunity, and a chance to change and grow.
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