Middle School Sports

For Coaches

Coaches should model behavior for all of the other parties.
They should remember that athletic participation is only a component of each student’s educational experience. Coaches’ behavior should bring credit to themselves, their team, their school and the sport. Coaches too need to show respect for officials and scorekeepers and their respective decisions. Special attention should be paid by coaches toward managing their players and the game so that all players enjoy a positive experience. The league encourages coaches to create as equal a playing field as possible while recognizing that one of the intrinsic purposes of all the league’s sports is competing and winning.  Coaches also need to help facilitate the appropriate behavior of their players and fans before and after games. Asking for clarification (rather than arguing with officials), pulling out “star” players when one has established a solid lead, and complimenting an official’s correct decision (even when it rewards the other team), are all examples of model behavior.
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