Driver Registration Form

6. Driver Registration

Thank you for volunteering to drive during the school year. Please complete this form and send a proof of insurance (e.g. photo or scan of your current insurance card) to the school. 

Lower School parents can email proof to Heather DeBose (, fax: 510.899.7299, drop it off in person, or mail to: St. Paul's Episcopal School, 116 Montecito Ave, Oakland, CA 94610. 

Middle School parents can email proof to Michael Birkhead (, fax: 510-899-7298, drop it off in person, or mail to: St. Paul's Episcopal School, 116 Montecito Ave., Oakland, CA 94610.

If you have children in both lower and middle school, send your proof of insurance to our Lower School office. 

If you prefer to download the Driver Registration form and return it via email or mail, click here.
1. Drivers must be over 21 years of age and must have a valid driver’s license.
2. Drivers must have automobile liability insurance. This is liability insurance for injury to your passengers or other persons and for damage to the property of others.
3. Drivers must have a safe driving record. Because the safety of the children is our primary concern, we ask our volunteers to meet these standards:
a. No citation for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or for driving recklessly, within the last five years.
b. No more than one ticket for a moving violation in the last year, or more than two tickets in the last three years.
I/We represent that I/we meet all of the school's requirements listed in numbers 1, 2, and 3 above.
Field Trip Safety Policies for Drivers
These are safety policies we ask our volunteer drivers to honor for all field trips.
Additional safely policies may be added for some field trips.
1. Parents chaperoning and/or driving on field trips must abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages before and during the field trip and must not be impaired by medication or other substances during the field trip.
2. St. Paul’s is a smoke free school; on field trips smoking is not permitted in the presence of the students.
3. All passengers must wear a seat belt; only one passenger per seat belt.
4. Before a field trip, drivers should check their automobile’s tires, lights, brakes, signals and seat belts to assure that they are all in good working condition.
5. Drivers may not overload their vehicle or use the back of an open truck in transporting passengers.
6. To maintain accountability, stops should be agreed upon in advance with the teacher.
7. Parents are requested to follow the route prescribed by the teacher and to obey all traffic rules.
I meet the School’s Requirements, will maintain my automobile liability insurance coverage, agree to comply with the School’s safety policies for field trips, and have attached proof of insurance stating the policy period and limits.
REQUIRED: By typing my name, I give my electronic signature and agree to the terms above:
Please email, fax, or mail the insurance declaration page from your automobile liability insurance policy that includes the policy period and limits. Notify the School if any of the above information changes over the course of the school year. Thank you again for volunteering!
St. Paul's Episcopal School
116 Montecito Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610