Parent Association

Message from the PA President & Vice President

The goal of the Parent Association (PA) is to foster connection among families and between families and the school. This year we hope to provide opportunities for community building, learning, service, and fundraising to support the mission of the school. We strive to be effective and representative. The PA is only as strong as its active membership - please join us!

Parent Association General Meetings

• 6:30 - 8 p.m.
• Lower School Library
• All Parents/Caregivers Welcome
• Look for updates in the PA Corner of Wednesday Headlines
Thursday, October 3
Tuesday, January 17
Thursday, February 27


Committees and Opportunities

Standing Committees: The Parent Association relies on the work of many volunteers to implement its programs and events each year. Committees are formed each year, as needed, to support the goals and objectives for the year. Each committee is led by at least one chairperson and is made up of volunteers from the greater Parent Association body.

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  • Fundraising Committee

    The Fundraising Committee is a newly formed committee designed to expand our possibilities for raising needed funds at St. Paul’s. This committee directly supports the School’s commitment to remaining a diverse and inclusive school by contributing to tuition assistance and making all of the School’s programs accessible to all families. In addition to Amazon, Sports Basement,  eScrips, Pizza Day, OakTown, and Book Fair, this committee will create new events and activities that promote community and raise important funds at the same time. For more information on joining this committee, please email PA leadership:
  • Parent Education Committee

    The Parent Education Committee will help to select important topics for the enrichment of SPES parents and families.  Along with the school administration, the Committee will seek out speakers, workshops and experiences that will help parents be better informed about contemporary issues in learning, child and adolescent development and how to better understand and support St. Paul’s curriculum goals. For more information, please email committee chairs: Leslie Plettner ( and Laura Farha (
  • Care Committee

    The Care Committee provides care and support to St. Paul’s families who are experiencing a time of need, and will also help organize efforts for the betterment of our School and Oakland Community - supporting our service learning mission. In its new iteration the Care Committee will also help organize events for staff appreciation and acknowledge successes and efforts in our school community. For more information, please email committee chairs: Mona Shah ( and Sandy Chan (  
  • D.E.I. (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Committee

    The Parent Association’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, works toward creating an environment where community members feel respected and supported by encouraging dialogue and the exchange of ideas. They hold meetings periodically and sponsor diversity related events (book groups, film screenings, etc.) For more information, please email committee chairs: Kate Graves ( and Leanna Lewis (
  • S.W.A.P. Meet (Socializing With a Purpose)

    A place to meet and swap information, thoughts and ideas with the broader St. Paul’s community through not-so-traditional activities and gatherings. Our goal is to create spaces for robust connections to happen across grades to maximize opportunities for learning and growth while having fun. For more information, please email committee chairs: Christian Hill (, Natasha Mader (, Koren Stevenson (


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  • Want to Volunteer?

    Contact our Volunteer Coordinators at


More Information

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  • 2019-20 Class Responsibilities

    GradeSpecial Event Hosting DutiesVeterans Green Car Door Opening Duties (Lower School)
    Kindergarten Tea – April 22
    Faculty Appreciation Breakfast – February 25


    1st Grade
    Faculty Appreciation Luncheon Coordination – June 10
    Faculty Appreciation Breakfast – January 28


    2nd Grade
    Art Show – May 7-13
    Faculty Appreciation Breakfast – November 19

    October, April

    3rd Grade
    Art Show – May 7-13
    Faculty Appreciation Breakfast – October 22

    August, September

    4th Grade
    First Day of School Reception – August 28
    Faculty Appreciation Breakfast – April 28

    January, March

    5th Grade
    New 6th Grade Families Welcome Party – April 21
    Faculty Appreciation Breakfast – March 24

    May & June

    6th Grade
    Pre-Graduation Party – June 4
    Faculty Appreciation Breakfasts – Nov. 20 and Feb. 26

    7th Grade
    Grandparents’ & Special Friends’ Day – November 27
    Faculty Appreciation Breakfasts – January 29 and March 25

    8th Grade
    Grandparents’ & Special Friends’ Day – November 27
    Faculty Appreciation Breakfasts – October 23 and April 29

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