Friday Notes
Jan. 29, 2010
The sun appeared briefly this week, bringing kids back onto the playground and outside for lunch. Joy all around, albeit brief. To cheering crowds, the St. Paul's basketball teams played hard, with the girls' varsity rolling over Julia Morgan and the boys' varsity and junior varsity defeating Park Day. The sound of music wafted through the halls as students prepared for our 22nd annual African American Cultural Celebration – mark your calendar for Thursday, Feb. 11.

In this week's Friday Notes, don't miss K-8 music training, puppeteers raising funds for Haiti, and an invitation to drop by the Parish Hall for coffee on Wednesday morning from 8 - 9:30 a.m. Have a great weekend. Pictured are third graders enjoying a moment of sunshine.

Soothing the Soul, Sparking the Brain: Music Training K-8 at St. Paul's
With music, choir, or performing arts classes twice a week for just about every St. Paul's student in grades K through 7 (sixth graders have music and choir three times a week, while eighth graders have music electives), the beat is everywhere. This week, kindergartners discussed the difference between rhythm and beat with music teacher Ms. Fetcho, third graders rehearsed a spiritual with music teacher Ms. Shannon, sixth graders practiced a cappella with music teacher Ms. DeMore, and seventh graders whaled on complex drums rhythms with music teacher Mr. de Chalus.

The Origins of American Music
"When students pass through St. Paul's, they're not just developing melodically and harmonically, but also rhythmically," said Mr. de Chalus. "Every student learns the value of percussive music in informing an appreciation of music from all cultures." Trained in the music of Africa and the Caribbean, Mr. de Chalus is interested in teaching students the origins of American music, which can be found in centuries-old traditions around the world.

In teaching students in grades K through 2, Ms. Fetcho gets students when they are the youngest and the least shy about dancing to the beat with their classmates.



1   Tax information due at SSS for current families applying for TA

2   Girls' Varsity Basketball vs Prospect-Sierra @ Prospect-Sierra 5:15 pm

2   Girls' JV Basketball vs Prospect-Sierra @ Prospect-Sierra 4:15 pm

3   Coffee, Scones & Chat for Parents in the Parish Hall. Sponsored by the Development Dept. 8 - 9:30 am

4   Boys' Varsity Basketball vs Bentley @ Bentley 5 pm

4   Boys' JV Basketball vs Bentley @ Bentley 4 pm

5   Re-enrollment and sibling contracts mailed

5   6th gr chapel presentation: Asian Lunar New Year 8:40 - 9:15 am

5   EBISC dance for 7th and 8th grade @ Ecole Bilingue

8   Boys' Varsity Basketball vs Athenian @ Athenian 5:30 pm

8   Boys' JV Baskeball vs Athenian @ Athenian 4:30 pm

9   Girls' JV Basketball vs Windrush @ Oakland Y 4 pm

10 Girls' Varsity Basketball vs Bentley @ Oakland Y 4 pm

10 Boys' Varsity Basketball vs Hillcrest @ St. Augustine's  5 pm

10 Boys' JV Basketball vs Hillcrest @ St. Augustine's  4 pm

10 Board meeting

11 African American Cultural Celebration, First Congregational Church, 2501 Harrison St. 7 - 8:30 pm

12-19 No School Presidents' Week Break, Vacation Camp available

22 Classes resume





Parents: Get Your Bakesale Betty and Caffeine Fix on Wednesday Morning
Schmooze, sip, and scarf at an informal morning coffee for all parents next Wednesday in the Parish Hall between 8 and 9:30 a.m. Stay and chat or grab and go. Bakesale Betty scones will be served. Why start your day without one? Sponsored by the Development Department.
3B Puppet Shows Raise $900 for Haitian Relief
Dressed in all-black, as one would expect of puppeteers, third graders staged three remarkable Bunraku puppet performances of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes and raised an extraordinary $900 this week for Partners in Health, which is supplying medical care in Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake. The Partners in Health team in Haiti includes a doctor and a nurse who work about five blocks from St. Paul's at Sutter East Bay Medical Center.

The fundraiser was the brainchild of third grader Nic. "I heard about the earthquake on the radio and I was concerned because people were dying," he said Friday morning as students signed a mock, banner-sized $900 check. "I wanted to help."

Tuition Assistance Information
If you're a current family applying for Tuition Assistance, please note that 2009 tax returns, including all schedules and copies of W2 forms, are due Feb. 1 to School and Student Services (SSS) in order for your family to receive a contract with a definite amount of tuition assistance.

For current families who want to receive a contract with a non-binding tuition assistance amount, 2009 tax returns, including all schedules and copies of W2 forms, are due April 15 to SSS. Thank you.

Please mail this information to:

School and Student Services by NAIS
Application Processing Center
P.O. Box 449
Randolph, MA 02368-0449
Health Watch
Week of Jan. 25
Stomach flu: Lower School (several cases)
Lice nits: Seventh grade (1 case)
The eighth grade Green Club would like all adults who go to and from the School to fill out this a brief survey. Thanks!
All flu information, all the time.