High School and Beyond

“I can always spot St. Paul’s kids — they are the ones with the can-do attitudes, who are grounded and comfortable with the praxis as well as theories of difference and social justice, who are academically prepared and willing to question, to ponder, and to enjoy themselves while doing so.”
— A teacher at a leading independent high school

The High School Admissions Process

We take care to support our eighth graders and their families through the high school choice process.

About 70% of our graduates go on to private high schools and 30% choose to attend their local public school. For those who choose to apply to private schools, there is comprehensive support throughout the eighth grade year:

  • A family meeting at the beginning of the year with the Director of Middle School to talk about a student’s interests and options for high school
  • Lunch visits by admissions representatives from many local high schools 
  • Essay writing support from the Eighth Grade English Teacher
  • Practice interviews with the Director of Middle School
  • Optional test prep classes offered on site
  • Support for students as they make their enrollment decision

Our goal is to make sure students and families feel in the loop and supported as much as possible through this exciting and intensive process. We’re proud to see that our graduates generally get into one of their top choice schools and thrive no matter which school they choose!

St. Paul's students are sought by top high schools.

Each year our graduates and their families go through a supportive process to choose a high school that will provide them with the environment and experiences they seek. Our students enroll at independent, parochial, public, and charter high schools, and they thrive at all of them.
Here are several schools at which our graduates most commonly enroll:

Independent Schools
  • The Athenian School
  • Bentley School
  • College Preparatory School
  • Head-Royce School
  • Lick-Wilmerding High School
  • Maybeck High School
Parochial Schools
  • Bishop O'Dowd High School
  • St. Joseph Notre Dame
  • St. Mary's College High School
Public Schools
  • Berkeley High School
  • Oakland School for the Arts
  • Oakland Technical High School
Individual students have enrolled at other local and national schools as well.

Alumni Weigh In on Their St. Paul's Years

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