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Curriculum: Teaching and Learning


Ignite the Spark: def. nurture the unique potential in every human being.


Director of Middle School and Director of Lower School.

The intentionality and purpose behind our K - 8 program empowers our students to develop voice and agency, explore their identities, and bolster their strengths and growth edges. In the lower grades they learn the importance of community, acclimating to a new school environment, learning new routines, protocols, and procedures. Using our People Power Skills, our students learn to navigate both interpersonal and intrapersonal attributes and characteristics.

Our older students continue to practice their critical thinking skills, interrogating narratives and deepening their understanding of themselves and the world around them. As they dive into their Capstone projects in the Eight Grade, students rely on the skills, voice, and agency for this opportunity to capitalize on their experiences at St. Paul's. Students understand how to approach the WHY, which helps them walk toward their purpose.

Nayo Brooks, Lower School Director 

Marcus Chang, Middle School Director



...Something about that St. Paul's magic