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Collaborative Learning


The key to successful collaborative learning is to make students accountable for real work that has value for the larger community.


Individuals and groups of teachers interested in social, service learning, and/or academic goals developed collaborative learning at St. Paul's, informally known as buddy projects. Although changing over time, buddy projects and cross-grade activities have become incorporated into the fabric of the curriculum and the life of the school.

Allowing a student to teach another child communicates that the student is trusted. This act says that we know the student-teachers are worthy and responsible. This accountability spills over to other areas, such as homework and general demeanor at school. Giving children opportunities to act responsibly develops citizenship skills. 

Eighth, second, and kindergarten students write greeting cards for St. Paul's Towers seniors
First and fifth graders create signage for Pollinator Posse
Kindergarten and eighth grade buddies read books together after Chapel on a Friday morning.
K-2-8 students gather in Parish Hall for letter-writing to St. Paul's Towers seniors

Snapshots of Lower and Middle School buddy projects

Kindergarten and eighth grade buddies sit together in Chapel
Third and sixth graders clean styrofoam from Lakeside Park



"Buddy" Programs

8th grader reading to his Kindergarten buddy
7th graders talking with paired 3rd graders.
7th Grader helps two 3rd graders.
8th graders work with 2nd graders on a project.