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Leigh Anne Gray

St. Paul’s is an intentionally diverse community. We are powerful and unique because we represent and embrace a diversity of families, experiences, personal truths, histories, and contexts. 

Our students exist across the spectrum of gender and sexuality. I love and appreciate that they have mirrors in the adults that surround them both at home and at school. I remember when my own children came out to me as part of the Queer Community, just a few months apart, seven years ago. My daughter was 16. She was a little anxious about coming out but thankfully realized that our love for her remains the same no matter what. (Frankly, I was more in shock when she came out as a “professional musician” a year later!) My son and I were just reflecting on his experience earlier today. He remembers our conversation when he was 15 as being no big deal, just a low key conversation about crushes he was experiencing. I am honored that they shared this facet of themselves with me and that I get to love them as their full selves.

My hope is that every child in our community feels that they are truly safe and have the space to reflect on all facets of their identities, including their gender and sexuality. This is why cultivating a deeply inclusive community is part of our core values as a school. Our students must feel empowered to be authentic, speak their truths, and feel seen and valued for who they are. That is belonging. 

In solidarity and allyship,