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Kate Klaire, Community Engaged Learning Coordinator
Kate Klaire, Community Engaged Learning Coordinator

Seventh graders spent this year addressing the issue of homelessness, born out of their own interests and representing their largest concern. The ultimate goal was for students to build an understanding through research, learning from experts, and working with a community partner in order to be advocates for change and provide some direct action of support for our unhoused community. They spent time researching myths surrounding homelessness, looked at Oakland’s current rates, demographics, geographics by neighborhood, and numbers surrounding age, health, and economics. We heard from two experts, Amy Lara from UCSF’s study of California’s issue of homelessness from and Tomiquia Moss from All Home who spoke with us about the work they are doing to address housing issues and ways to prevent people from going into homelessness in the first place. Students fostered a relationship with a community partner at St. Vincent De Paul and have led drives of shoes and socks, care packages, and their final push for donations of back-to-school supplies. We are grateful to all the families who have supported their efforts thus far. We would love to meet St. Vincent De Paul’s goal of providing 500 K-12 students with new backpacks, and school supplies. You can drop off new backpacks and school supplies at either the lower school or middle school entrance. You can also donate to St. Vincent de Paul Amazon Wishlist.