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Anthony Hopkins, 8th Grade Social Studies & Affinity Group Facilitator

Dia De Los Muertos Chapel and DEIB Work

Latinx Student Union Chapel

Many may say the Dia de Los Muertos chapel last Friday was magical. It was magical to many, and a blessed ritual for our Latinx community, particularly the Mexican community. Something sparked with that chapel. I believe the Spark not only came from the culture, but also from the trust we practiced by allowing us all to step into our power. This chapel in particular looked very different in years past. As culture and life evolves, so too did this Dia de los Muertos chapel. 

This chapel was purely led by student input and the considerations of our Latinx Student Union affinity group. They made executive decisions, envisioned the message, and executed with all their heart and soul. Our staff followed the lead of their students, worked together; shared knowledge and understandings, researched, and edited - held space for our young ones to be their very best, authentic selves. 

Let me be clear. This was a groundswell from our community; when we trust and embrace each other; when we give each other room to breathe; when we invite everyone in to celebrate the culture together with honor and respect. We honor our Latinx community, all of our communities, with the continued learning and evolution of our work to respond with such care and cultural awareness. This is a direct example of practicing our Mission and Values.

Parents showed up early with pan dulce and cafe. Along with their children, they grabbed decorations and helped to set up the altar and support with sound. Another community member showed up with his drone, and his son supported him during the ceremony. The eighth graders arrived early to set the tone and be role models for their younger schoolmates. Faculty, again, held space, trusted, and allowed the fruits of their labor to blossom. 

The Latinx Student Union’s follow up for this chapel continues with suggested actions and conversations about their vast cultures. May the St. Paul’s community as a whole also engage in discussions around how they practice culture and particularly how they honor their ancestors. The Latinx Student Union created the spark. 

Let us dive deeply into our own cultures to join the roots that connect us all.

¡Hasta la raiz!