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About Us


St. Paul's community gathers for an outside chapel event.
Engage With Intention


We learn in the heart of Oakland, where diversity, equity, and inclusion and community engaged learning are foundational to our academic program. 


Mixed classes in Parish Hall for letter writing workshop

A St. Paul's education is one that nurtures fearless learners, empowered community members, and resourceful and resilient human beings. For us, academic rigor embeds diversity, equity, and inclusion and community engaged learning in the curriculum. These facets of learning are not peripheral and extracurricular; it's simply part of the air we breathe and how we teach. Our academic program provides your children with the tools that help them define their sense of purpose. 

St. Paul’s commitment to socioeconomic and racial diversity is comprehensive and intentional, as is the school’s connection to the broader community. Oakland is our classroom. 

I invite you to learn more about St. Paul's: our passion and our program.

Warmest regards,

Cheryl Ting, Head of School