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Phone: 510.285.9600

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Welcome, Parents!
The start of the school year brings new activities and the potential for new friendships, but how does a parent move beyond just saying "Hi!" to other parents at drop-off? Barring a preternatural ability to bond instantaneously, getting to know parents is expedited by volunteering.

"One of the great things about St. Paul's is the sense of community," says Beth Goldberg. "Volunteering helps create that community."

Fun and Manageable
But how? Pick a volunteer task that sounds both fun and manageable for you and your schedule, whether you're never available during the day or only available during the day. We need volunteers for weekend events and time committments may be small or large.

Email or call Parent Association officers or room parents and say you're looking for opportunities.
Welcome to the Parent Association!
If you are a parent or guardian of a current St. Paul’s student, you are a member of the Parent Association. Welcome!

We are staffed and led entirely by member volunteers, and we charge no dues. The Parent Association works in partnership with the School administration, faculty, staff, and its parent members to support the School’s mission and help ensure its continued success as a premier learning institution in the East Bay.

Please volunteer and get involved with us!

Marissa Tirona, PA President

Parent Association Officers 2016-2017
President Marissa Tirona
Vice President Nikole Richardson
Room Parent Coordinator        Karen Murphy
Volunteer Coordinator Jared Harris
Program and Event Leadership
New Parent Committee         Shelly Cox
Infusion Teiahsha Bankhead, Lowell Bennett, Tom Malarkey,
OakTown TBD
Book Fair Tracey Cosgrove
Pizza Day Kimberly Meier
Care Committee Jennie Bertone
Eighth Grade
Bart Wright

Parent Association Room Parents
Please note that all Room Parents are associated with the whole grade.
Kindergarten:                     Alicia Arenas, Amy Goldman
Matt Markovich, Maya Markovich, Kate Sadowsky
First Grade: Sandy Chan, Andrea Jones
Briana Lewis, Mona Shah
Second Grade: 
Laura Allen, Petrina de Chalus, Kate Graves, Kate Voyageur
Third Grade:  Felicia Bartow, Nicole Colley, Crystal Velazco, Jessica Wright-Davis
Fourth Grade:   
Catherine Kelly, Kate McFadden, Tiffany Price, Lauran Weinmann
Fifth Grade: Molly Brannigan, Lucy Leong Chen, Arin Hailey Reese, Tanya Willacy
Sixth Grade: Kristine Carl, Sheila Jenkins, Dana Stern, Sam Wright
Seventh Grade: Katie Brackenridge, Karen Murphy, Rachel Quill, Erin Scott
Eighth Grade: Judy Abello-DeJesse, David Newman, Andrea Tinnemeyer, Bart Wright
Parent Forms
Click here to go to the Parent Forms page. You'll find a Photo Release form, a Pizza Day form, and more.
About the Parent Association
Events and Programs
The Parent Association supports or runs a wide variety of events and programs including the OakTown auction, the St. Paul's Book Fair, parent education evenings, scrip fundraising, and diversity discussions through the PA diversity subcommittee known as Infusion.

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Although every family commits to volunteer 30 hours per school year (15 hours for single-parent households), in fact, many families donate many, many more. Even with its visionary leadership and amazing faculty, the School would not be the path-breaking institution it is without this committed community of parent volunteers.

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Supporting the Mission
The Parent Association actively supports the School’s mission through fundraising, volunteer recruitment and coordination, parent education, and community-building programs. Moreover, the president and vice-president of the Parent Association are voting members of the St. Paul’s Board of Trustees. This ensures that the parent body is informed about important School developments and that the Board is aware of the parent perspective on key issues facing the School.

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