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Sixth Grade Design Challenge
For the past three months, the sixth grade class has undertaken an ambitious design challenge to create modular, multi-use furniture that will be installed next to the lockers...
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"I'm Me" from Fourth Grade Identity Chapel 11 11 16
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Click here to go to the Parent Forms page. You'll find a Photo Release form, a Pizza Day form, and more.
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Welcome, St. Paul's Parents, Faculty, and Students!
Q. How do I sync the St. Paul's calendar to my personal calendar?
A. Log in. Go to Calendar. Click on "Date/Event Filter" and click on the events you'd like to see on the calendar. It's a good idea to click "My Academics," "Community," and "Roles," along with either or both "Lower School" and "Middle School." Click "Apply Filter." Then click on the green icon in the right top corner. This is the icon for the iCal RSS feed.

Copy the url. I find that the WebURL works best, but feel free to experiment.
On your personal calendar, find the "subscribe" button. Enter the url into the subscribe feature and click.

The St. Paul's calendar should now appear on your calendar.

Click on this link to see a brief video demonstration of how to do it.

Q. How do I remove the annoying security message that pops up on the School website?
A. "This page contains both secure and non-secure items," reads the pop-up Security Information message. "Do you want to display the non-secure items?"

Our website is secure, but the YouTube videos we've embedded in the site are not considered secure (even though the videos do not take the user to the YouTube website. The YouTube videos we embed are customized so they do not link to other, non-St. Paul's YouTube videos.) Most secure sites begin with the web address "https," which is not part of the YouTube address.

On our end, we've removed the embedded YouTube videos from the School Portal. Instead, we'll link to YouTube videos, as needed. On your end, here are instructions for how to change your browser security setting.
According to our website developer, WhippleHill, most of the people receiving the security warnings are using the Internet Explorer browser to navigate to That may be true, but we've heard complaints from parents who are using Firefox or Safari browsers. Let's hope the solution suggested by WhippleHill can solve the problem for everyone.

For Internet Explorer
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Go to Tools menu > Internet Options
3. Click the Security tab
4. Under the header Security level for this zone, click Custom level
5. In the Security Settings – Internet Zone popup screen
• 1. Scroll down to Display mixed content
• 2. Select Enable
• 3. Click OK
6. Click OK (again)
For Firefox:
1. Open Firefox
2. Go to Preferences
3. Click on Security
4. Click on Warning Messages/settings
5. Make sure that the box for "Show a warning dialog when I'm about to view an encrypted page that contains some unencrypted information" is unchecked.
6. Click Okay
For Safari:
1. Open Safari
2. Go to Preferences
3. Click on Security
4. Make sure that the "Ask before sending a non-secure form to a secure website" option is unchecked.

Let us know if this works. Email Jane Adams at

Q. Where do I find parent forms?
A. Click here to get to the Parent Forms page. Contact Jane Adams at Thanks.

Q. How do I get help with the website?
A. We're here to help! Email and we'll respond within 72 hours. This is your best place to turn for help during school breaks. Or you may email Jane Adams at or call Jane at 510.285.9630.

Q. How do I log in?
A. From the homepage, click on the "Community Login" icon, which is a spark shape. This will take you to the School Portal.
Click on the “first time login” link in the left hand column on this page.
You'll be asked to submit the email address that is on record with the School. Instructions for logging in will be emailed to you at this address.
If this doesn't make sense or doesn't work, email and we'll respond within 72 hours. Or you may contact Jane Adams at 510.285.9630 or

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